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Fifty — Five Short Word Story. What a challenge it is. I want to share with you some of the work I have learned to use to help with my writing journey. I want to bring you along with me. Enjoy.

Annie walked up to the wall. She was curious about what was behind the wall. Her family and the town’s residents lived behind the walls for years. To never venture out. But, Annie, curiosity was taken over her practical side. She will sneak out. She slowly opened the doors. The sight she saw terrified her.

Thank you

Kelly Ansell



As my heart grows fonder

I feel your closeness within

As the time comes near

I know we will be one again

True love does not hold a grudge

True love overcomes everything

When we are together

True love bonds you closer

Every passing minute

I wait for your return



Kelly Ansell

Writing about topics that matter to me is my passion, and I hope that you will find it useful or entertaining as well. First love is being a mom .